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ANNIE is a retired educator/administrator from DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. She grew up in New Mexico, and was taught the interest and attractiveness of “pretty rocks” by her parents. Picking up sparklies kept her busy while they fished! (She went on to collect costly sparklies in her later years …) She also has a keen interest in art periods and history. The combination led her to a love affair with antique and vintage jewelry, and eventually to an apprenticeship with an antique jewelry dealer and dear friend.

In 2001 she opened a counter at Mason Jewelers in Greencastle, where she worked for special occasions across the years. In 2004 she purchased the entire business of her mentor, began doing area antique shows, and opened a case at Gilley’s Antique Mall, near Greencastle. Though not a certified appraiser, Annie loves looking at people’s pieces and collections, and telling them what they have; she can evaluate the period and composition of a piece and its market value. Every customer is treated to a fascinating story from a lifelong teacher with a passion for jewelry and its history.